Monday, March 09, 2009

Bad Diet / Bad Results

Sometimes I get the urge to eat something really bad.

Okay, not really, really bad, but you get the point. And, hey, I've been doing very well on my stationary bike! I deserve a couple of greasy meals, right?

Sooooo, let's just say a double-cheeseburger, chicken philly, and an order of fries made their way into my diet this past weekend. No, not in one meal as some of you might believe. :)

Ye ole blood sugar did very well. I managed to keep it tight amidst my greasy binge. My body though, did not appreciate the intake of said foods. Let's just say, it immediately flushed out my foolish choices.

Ah yes, my body is feeling much, much better now.

Back to yogurt and salads...
Eat well!


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