Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Moving Status

We are packing and junking and junking and packing.
(Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)

The great thing about packing is rediscovering old stuff. For instance, my boys found some of my old music tapes. So they asked who was Michael Bolton or The Pointer Sisters or Phil Collins. My response, "Guys, this was music I played when I dated your mother." I don't think they believed me. Of course there were also the VCR tapes of old Steven Seagal movies. Ah, memories.

A big thanks to our friends, Misawa, his wonderful wife, and Misawa's brother in-law, we did a lot of moving last Saturday. There's more to go.

We are very blessed to be surrounded by great friends.

My wife has picked out our interior and exterior designs and appliances for our new home. We are very excited about this process and the opportunities to come. Speaking of...

We've discussed what kind of church we want to join in Canton. We want one that is Christ-centered, Biblical, and is heavily involved in local missions. If any of you know of a church that fits this criteria, please inform me.


Jeff said...

Wow, that's quite a collection. From Seagal to Bolton. Did they find your parachute pants?

Mark said...

No, thankfully.

And please don't mention the pink polo I had during the Miami Vice daze...

Jeff said...

Only if you don't mention my skinny polyester ties.