Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The 2008 Presidential Election: Issues We Should Care About

In two years we will be hearing banter from both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates regarding their stance on issues facing our country. Such issues as fuel prices, taxes, national growth, and national security should be on the priority list.

Let’s expand on these issues for a moment:
Fuel Prices – Gas prices are almost at $3.00 a gallon. How much is this affecting your bank account? Can you say, “fuel alternatives”? Incentives should be given to companies that deliver safe and natural fuel alternatives. Agriculture will be our best resource.

I have a bad feeling this will tie into our next issue, national security.

National Security – It now seems Iran will have the capability to develop nuclear energy very soon. But the real question is, what will they do with it? And let’s dig a little deeper. If Iran decided to build nuclear weapons, what are the chances that they would use them as a weapon against, say, OPEC. What’s the possibility of Iran taking over the entire Arab-oil industry with the threat of a nuclear attack?

Now go back to our current gas prices. How would you feel if prices soared to $8.00 a gallon, or more, due to a hostile takeover?

Don’t believe me? Fine. But Iran wouldn’t just build a nuclear weapon to conquer Israel. Sure, extremist Muslims would love if all Jews and Christians were wiped off the face of the earth, but that’s not Iran’s itinerary.

FACT: Iran has the second largest crude oil reserves in the world behind Saudi Arabia.
FACT: OPEC controls the price of a barrel of crude oil.

What would happen if they owned it all?

In addition to Iran, immigration has become a current hot button. Many politicians want to construct the equivalent of the Great Wall of China on our border with Mexico. This will not work. There is no clear-cut answer to this problem. I personally have an issue with what people ‘deserve’. It’s a privilege to live and work in this country. We don’t ‘deserve’ anything. We earn our income, our food, our clothes, our homes, our cars, our benefits, etc., etc.. Has anyone ever considered just being here a blessing?

Taxes – I’m all in favor of getting rid of our Social Security system and allowing the taxpayer to be responsible with their own fund. I don’t see taxes lowering anytime soon, so good luck to the next President with this one.

National Growth – As jobs are increasing at a slow rate, the forecast isn’t pretty. By 2009, several big companies will be completing announced layoffs thereby creating massive competition for jobs.

The presidential candidates will need to present a well thought-out plan for economic growth that will benefit small business owners and sole proprietors. Big business is no longer the economic staple it once was. In fact, it will get worse for them as time goes on.

Now I know many of you believe we should be concerned about such issues as abortion, homelessness, child welfare, public education, the poor and hungry. Yes, but don’t let the government dictate how you can personally help. If we can give millions of dollars to programs helping victims of Hurricane Katrina, then we can pull together to help our local citizens and public schools. The local mission field is wide open to all of us.

Lastly, this is NOT a doomsday scenario, but opportunities to make our country a better place.


Charlie said...

I think that you are quite right about these being critical issues to be addressed in the 2008 election. One one blog supporing a potential 2008 candidate, Six Priorities have been spelled out and Chuck Hagel's views on them are being discussed.
The six priorities are:
1.) Entitlement Reform
2.) Health Care
3.) Deficit Spending
4.) Energy
5.) Foreign Policy and Trade
6.) Immigration Reform

Jeff said...

Chuck Hagel? What a weasel "moderate" Republican. In other words, he'll slam any Rebublican if it means he gets to be on television and the media treats him nicely.