Thursday, December 01, 2005

Third Day - Wherever You Are

Third Day: Wherever You Are

As previously posted, I was blessed to attend Third Day’s All Access concert in Atlanta on November 1st. After taking a month to listen to their new CD and letting the music soothe my soul, I’ve decided to write a review of it.

Drum roll please…

Wherever You Are begins with the message of constant and everlasting hope with, Tunnel. This is a great song if your life is full of burdens and worries as mine is right now. No matter what I'm going through, Jesus is my light and will always show me the way toward him.

As mentioned, my life is full of burdens right now. Some days the load is so heavy, I can actually feel the weight on my shoulders. Hearing, Eagles, takes me to a far away place where I be truly free. Sure, I try to give these burdens to Jesus, but the more and more I face them, (and usually it’s everyday) I collapse. Eagles don’t collapse; they soar. One day I will soar.

Through my burdens, I’ve been blessed to meet others who are also going through hardships and pray for them. From the hurricane’s devastation to those who live everyday in poverty, Cry Out To Jesus, is for everyone needing the love and grace of Jesus. I had tears in my eyes when Third Day performed this at the All Access concert. In my humble opinion, this song is the best one on the album.

I got goose bumps the first time I heard, I Can Feel It. Now I know some of you will probably find this humorous or heretical, BUT, I truly believe the Holy Spirit can be felt within and around us. I believe that God is always near even though we don’t recognize him.

The upbeat, Keep On Shinin’, is a good reminder that wherever we are, whatever we are doing, to show God’s love to others, i.e. strangers, church members, family, and friends. Not an easy task with all that’s going on in our own personal worlds. The Apostle Paul encourages us to, “…fight the good fight.”

As with all of Third Day’s songs, you can play them and visualize a personal or biblical story. Communion reminds me of the last supper with Jesus sharing the bread and wine with his apostles, who clearly didn’t understand what was about to take place. We know what took place and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

Carry My Cross explicitly tells what Jesus has done for my salvation through love. He took my sins, my burdens, and my shame to the cross.

Track 8, How Do You Know, lifted my head and heart from severe criticism. Moreover, lifted me above those who doubt me and my godly purpose. There’s nothing worse than family members criticizing your abilities and questioning your life in Christ. In a society that frequently measures success by your salary, size of your home, and how many cars you drive, it’s great to hear a song that defends what people, like me, are trying to do in the name of Christ. Sure, every now and then I may lose my step, but I will never lose my way in Him. Lastly, I love what David Carr says about ‘legalism’, “The high horse of legalism and piousness needs to be led to the water and drowned.” Amen.

Mountain of God is a sabbatical from the everyday worries and troubles that we encounter. I believe we become closer to God when we take the time to seek him without noise, distractions, or cell phones. Jesus often took the time to intentionally pray to the Father. Let Him be the example for us.

Generally speaking, Love Heals Your Heart and The Sun is Shining are two songs that fill in the album’s gaps. Both speak of love, hope, and encouragement in a lighthearted way. Love… is a beautiful ballad while The Sun… puts a smile on your face knowing Jesus is always with us and renewing us.

Wherever You Are ends on an inspirational high note with, Rise Up, that beckons you to keep the CD playing over-and-over. As I previously mentioned, Rise Up is a call to rise above the burdens and worries. Earlier I mentioned the physical impact of burdens. Rise Up lifts us up to face life. I can still picture Mac, at the concert, bellowing this verse: (Even with a cold!)

“Rise up my friend and live again.”

Overall, Third Day’s music keeps maturing as the songs tell of faith, hope, and love. In a time of war, famine, disease, and various hardships, Wherever You Are inspires us to keep living through Christ.

Hands down, Wherever You Are is Third Day’s best album to date.

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