Monday, December 19, 2005

Joe Lieberman Dems Consider Challenge to Lieberman

Joe Lieberman is a Moderate - through and through. There are many issues that I agree with him on, and many I don't. Mr. Lieberman recently paid a visit to Iraq to witness the progress going on there and wrote a very detailed and positive summary. He DID NOT make criticisms against President Bush nor did he affirm the President's position. What he did do was support the troops serving in Iraq and their efforts to stabilize the country. For this act, I am grateful to Mr. Lieberman.

However with all the good Mr. Lieberman is doing, it now seems the liberal Democrats in Connecticut are very unhappy. Why? Because they claim he's out of touch with "reality", that he's "not toting the party line". Yet the real truth is that the liberals in this country are the ones out of touch with what Americans want. They don't understand why so many Americans want moral values and leaders they can trust. Liberals sway on issues that mean the most to us (not in any particular order): abortion, health care, terrorism, taxes, taxes, and more darn taxes. They can't seem to agree with each other how to best handle these issues. Sadly, many of them side with their conservative counterparts and keep spending, spending, and more darn spending.

The liberals should take a lesson from Mr. Lieberman: a moderate approach is the best one if the Democrats are to have a good contender in the next election. If they keep up their bickering, they'll turn Americans away, once again, from electing the next President of the United States.

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Jeff said...

After Dims went after Zell Miller this doesn't surprise me. Could you imagine how the mainstream media would treat the GOP if Republican leaders went after Olympia Snowe and other "moderate" conservatives in the House and Senate?