Friday, December 02, 2005

Third Day - Advocacy

I'm a firm believer that if you support an organization, you better volunteer with it. Too many so-called 'stars' say they support one cause or another, but never get their hands dirty with that particular organization.

Third Day gets their hands dirty.

From the research I've done, TD supports three organizations: (More than likely they support additional groups as well!)

- Habitat for Humanity
- World Vision

If you keep up with TD happenings, then you'll know the band has been to numerous Habitat builds and they have witnessed firsthand the AIDS devastation in Africa. Better yet, they even participated with former President Jimmy Carter and his wife in building a Habitat house. Now that is cool!

Please check out the links above and get involved in an organization that helps people. It doesn't take much to volunteer your time to help build a house, feed the hungry, or promote social justice awareness.

God bless you.

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