Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yes, predictability - intransitive verb - to make a prediction. For our purposes today, to ably predict how much insulin we need for food.

My inner child spoke. "Okay, yesterday for breakfast you had a 1/2 bagel with two slices of cheese and a diet coke. Your post meal bg was 150 which fell to a 68 before lunch. Today, you had the identical same breakfast and your post meal bg is a 248. You took the same insulin. You had nearly identical morning bg numbers (129). What gives?"

(My life...sometimes)

I've heard that diabetes loves routine; it loves predictable moments. However, I don't believe it. Better yet, I am doing the same thing today as I was doing yesterday. So, my inner child asks a very good question. What gives?

Our life equations go something like this:
A(x) x B(x) x...= God only knows

Bg numbers, food, possibly exercise, stress, hormones, other illnesses, can all play dirty. There is no predictability about them. I ate the same food, took the same amount of insulin, and halfway expected around the same post meal bg. But no, that didn't happen. It's this unpredictable disease that takes a toll on us.

Nothing like a little insanity to begin my day. :-)


Tim said...

Ahh, you forgot to allow for a) phase of moon; b) high / low tides; c) whether groundhog cast shadow and the fifteen zillion other things that seem to effect our ruddy diabetes!

Cherise said...


I totally agree! Only God know.

Scott K. Johnson said...

It's enough to drive us crazy. In fact it's amazing that we're all so sane... (yes, I totally realize I've opened myself up for a great joke)