Monday, July 19, 2010


Growing up with diabetes is challenging. I was constantly reminded how deadly going too high or too low (in terms of blood sugar) can be, especially at bedtime. Over the years, I've focused on tips and tricks to manage my bg numbers when eating pasta or pizza. Frankly, I love both. Pizza will always be a staple in my diet. That said, being on MDI (multiple daily injections) has cramped my pasta eating abilities.

While on the pump, I could set a small temporary basal before bed to account for the carbs in pasta. Guess what? On MDI you can't do that. I had a wonderful baked ziti dish for dinner last night. Complimented with fresh baked garlic-buttered bread. My bg before bed (11 pm) was a respectable 118. This morning, much to my dismay, I jumped to a disgusting 257.

Thankfully I had my bottle of Novolog ready for the correction, and now I'm sitting at a 130 (even after breakfast). As soon as the hot, sticky summer heat is past, I promise to go back on the pump. Believe me, I can't wait.
Enjoy the summer!


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tina said...

sounds like you manage quite well on the MDIs. I would not even want to think about going back on them. I think I would make such a mess of things. Especially things like pizza.