Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New OmniPod PDM Review

Since putting on the OmniPod some two months ago, I'm completely sold that tubeless pumping is the only way to go. I really enjoy (love?) it! However...a new "device" has entered my life (cue sexy jazz music).

Oh yeah...the new color OmniPod PDM. Albeit a few shortcomings, e.g. turning on the PDM before taking a BG, being a little loud, and still no vibrate feature, this PDM is easy on the eyes with very clear step-by-step instructions. This PDM is much slimmer than the old one, lighter, and easier to grip. The battery life is about the same. I've been asked by co-workers and strangers if it's a Blackberry. ;-)

I'm interested to see what OmniPod will do next, especially with the tide turning to continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS). Rumor, and I do emphasize rumor, has it that OmniPod and Dexcom are trying to manufacture an all-in-one Pod with built-in CGMS. I am not yet a fan of CGMS, BUT, I am looking forward to seeing this device.

Anyway...if you are already an OmniPod user, and are contemplating the new PDM, my advice is to get it if you can. One last note:

You can believe that both MiniMed and Animas are working on a tubeless pump solution. The numerous improvements will cause pump manufacturers to become more innovative, which in turn, should benefit us.

Have a great day!


George said...

I have a Minimed pump with the CGMS. The tubing has not been a major problem BUT I am interested in the tubeless one coming out.

I am a tech geek so anything new is exciting to me!

Mark said...

Great to finally meet you! Do you have any interesting d-apps for your iPhone? Just wonderin' :D

Take care...

Michael said...

I will meet with a CDEin 2 weeks to discuss getting a new Omnipod. I take shots now. I am very excited!! The net is full of people that complain about them. It is good to hear some postive thoughts on the omnipod

Anonymous said...

Its true that Dexcom and Omnipod are working together to make it so you can use your CGM on the Omnipod display. I cant wait until it comes out and I only have to carry around this one controller and my test strips all day.

Juan said...

10th day with DEXCOM & 2nd day with Omnipod, really love them both but dislike the 3 devices clipped onto my belt, looking for an app to download in order to control/recieve the devices. But overall "GREAT"
just remember to install the omnipod in a way that the insulin will flow. Also I purchased a kneepad to pull over my bicep to protect it while playing sports or playing with my daughters