Monday, June 15, 2009

Learn to Adjust

The heat here in Georgia can, at times, seem tropical. For instance, mix high 80 degree temperatures--with high humidity--and you get the tropics, but without the coconuts. It's this type of weather that my insulin pump and I do not get along. Due to my skin type and the heat, the pump insertion, aka "pod", keeps popping off.

I have Mastisol [skin adhesive] which works very well, but it leaves my skin a little battered. So, for at least two days, I have gone back on shots. I'm not happy about it, but adjustments are sometimes necessary when different conditions arise. [I'm playing in a couple of softball games--first base--if you should know. :) ]I've interacted with a number of diabetics who have experienced similar situations. One in particular, goes back on shots every summer, and returns to pumping in the winter.
I'm open to suggestions/recommendations if anyone has any.

Have a great day!


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