Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Must Keep Going...

Last Wednesday afteroon, I felt a cold coming on like a freight train. My body ached all over. Yes, I had sinuses, but no temperature nor flu-like symptoms, i.e. the yucky stuff. So, I rested Thursday and Friday, and yet continued to ride. On Saturday, I managed to get through a 5K "fun run".

On Sunday, I finally felt much, much better. I couldn't understand it. But I'm glad to be back in the swing of things.

The only strange diabetes-related stuff happened on Wednesday afternoon. At 4 pm, I tested with an 80. However at 6 pm, I tested a 359 with extremely high ketones. All I ate was a handful of cheddar popcorn! I ran high ketones into mid-day Thursday. My average sugar level was below 130. I spoke with my endo regarding my concern. She believed my body used up all the Lantus, during the day-Wednesday, and crashed. There was nothing I could have done as this was a very rare occurrence. She further mentioned that I took the right measures by frequently testing, adjusting my insulin, and drinking lots of water.

Scary? Yes, but when you keep calm and take the right measures--and contact your doctor--all will be well. Keep going!


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