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My Martial Arts Journey - Part 6: FAQ & Martial Arts Web Links

I love talking about the martial arts, from a humble standpoint, and how effective the arts are to me and others I’ve known. For example, those of us who have studied a martial art for a long time, understand discipline, respect, patience, and peace better than most.

I don’t believe any one particular martial art style is better than the other. I used to think jujutsu was the best, until I listened to other stylists and the love they had for their art. You are only as good as the time you spend learning. The more you learn, the better you become.

Here are few interesting questions I have been asked in my 24 years in the martial arts:
Q. Have you ever been in a bad situation where the martial arts have helped you?
A. Yes, but very few. I tend to stay away from stupid people and stupid actions.

Q. Is it true you have to register yourself as a “lethal weapon” with the state you reside in?
A. Um, lemme see… No. That’s like telling an attacker to wait, so I can get out my .45 and shoot him.

Q. What weapons have you trained with and what do you prefer?
A. I have trained with the bo and jo staffs, nunchaku, tonfa, sai, blades (of all shapes and sizes), guns, bokken, and katana. I prefer the one that will get me out of a bad situation quickly.

Q. What is the best martial art?
A. The one you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Don’t just take up a martial art to learn self-defense and leave it behind. The martial arts are a lifestyle with many, many benefits.

Q. Do you have a favorite martial arts actor or artist that you admire?
A. I used to be a huge Steven Seagal fan until he divorced Kelly LeBrock, and claimed he was some reincarnated Buddha. (ohhhkay, sure…)

I now pay attention to Chuck Norris. I watched every episode of “Walker: Texas Ranger” and was extremely proud of him when he proclaimed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior (he actually became a born-again Christian through the help and support of his wife). Is Norris still an effective martial artist? Sure! Why not? (Even though his infomercials crack me up! Oh, and let's not forget the many ways Chuck Norris can kill an attacker...Hilarious!)

Q. What is your opinion of board-breaking?
A. I originally did not think too much of it, believing it didn’t prove anything. However, since watching new and experienced students break boards and seeing their confidence level rise, I think it’s wonderful. I still remember Bruce Lee’s quote in “Enter the Dragon”, “Boards don’t hit back.” What a great movie!

Q. Have you ever been hurt while training?
A. Yes, but not because someone was undisciplined or by a “dojo bully”. I actually got hurt by a good friend (who was black belt in American Kenpo), while he was doing an Aikido technique on me. He was going a little too fast. He also managed to punch me in the nose. If you can’t laugh about it, don’t bother becoming a martial artist! And, no, my nose didn’t break, but the tendon in my right thumb was almost torn. I still trained with a brace on.

Of course, there was also that one time I almost hit this same friend, in the groin, with a full fledged punch. (He got me in a front strangle hold. I got within an inch before I stopped.) That’s another story…

As you can tell, I love talking about the martial arts and how wonderful they are. I admire many artists, young and old, who persevere. I love hearing stories from students and teachers alike, who have studied the martial arts for a long time.

Discipline: respect, listen, and patience – Are you ready for today?

God’s grace and peace to you all.
Exodus 15:3:
“The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is His name.”

Martial Arts Web Links:
Daito ryu Jujutsu – A good historical site.
Aikido Online – Very informative with stories and demonstrations.
Aikido Center of Atlanta – Good site for those of us who have been around Atlanta-Aikido circles for awhile.
Wikipedia - Free encyclopedia tool for further information.
Martial Views – John Vesia’s blog on the martial arts. I read a few of his entries and thoroughly enjoyed them. Check out his site and his links.

If ever you need additional information on the martial arts, please feel free to contact me through my email address.

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