Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Got Gas?

Yesterday, I heard a Georgia-state Democrat exclaim to the media, "People are suffering because of the high gas prices. I have heard their cries and something must be done!"

Yeah, whatever.

Sure, I hate the high prices too, but government intervention isn't the answer. Here's a list of 'blame' breakdowns for everyone keeping score:

- Liberals are blaming Conservatives for driving SUVs and making too much money.
- Ashamedly, some Conservatives are blaming government for allowing oil companies to profit off our consumption. (Ah, gee, isn't that what a free market place is all about?)
- Oil companies are blaming the consumer for using too much. (Um, hello!)
- CNN is blaming (no surprise here) President Bush.
- Ann Coulter goes after stupid Democrats who want or have wanted energy consumption taxes. (HT: Jeff)

Lastly, the state of Georgia - Democrats want Gov. Sonny Perdue to impose a two month moratorium on motor fuel tax for 60 days. All in the belief that this will somehow save us money at the pump.

Maybe we ALL should be to blame. After all, those of us who lived during the OPEC disaster, in the 70's, remember all too well the long lines at the pump and short, flaring tempers that went along. You would think after 30 years we would have a viable fuel alternative to gasoline and more economic vehicles. But, alas, we don't. We keep relying on the same 'ol bus, van, truck, boat, SUV, car, plane, motorcycle, and construction vehicles for our lives.

Nothing has really changed.

Get over it, America. We're all in this quagmire together.

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