Monday, May 22, 2006

Diabetes and Me – Part 5: Words of Encouragement

In my almost 30 years of diabetes, I have met diabetics from all over the world. I've seen how most people handle their disease with great attitudes.

I’ve seen:
- Fellow diabetics do great things, e.g. local and federal law enforcement, tri-athletes, and adventurers.
- Babies, with diabetes, grow to be teenagers who are very, very responsible with their disease and their lives.
- The tragic results of complications due to neglect. Most have blindness, heart disease, and amputations.
For every story of neglect though, there have been stories of triumph. People with diabetes climbing large mountains, winning Olympic medals, becoming renown physicians, or great parents. There is no end to the possibilities.

Lastly, I’ve seen a number of folks diagnosed with diabetes. I’ve been to hospitals so many times, that I don’t care to remember them all. None of those affected me as much as seeing my own baby sister, who was in her twenties at the time, get diagnosed with this disease. She went through a little hell, but all-in-all she’s doing wonderfully now.

After living with diabetes for almost 30, I’ve had no complications aside from an occasional infection, flu, or cold. I greatly enjoy watching my oldest son train for his Tae Kwon Do and my youngest son having such a adventurous spirit. My wife is the love of my life. She’s been through many a good and bad day with my disease. She knows that I can become quite ‘moody’ if my blood sugar is too high or too low. Therefore, I do my very best to keep my blood sugar levels under control.

I truly believe that one day diabetics will be able to do anything from piloting the space shuttle to being an elite special forces soldier. I also believe this disease will be cured. Researchers are getting closer and closer to ending diabetes for good. If the FDA can allow the development and market of an inhaled insulin, just think of what the future holds.

But first, stay in control of your diabetes and be responsible for your choices. Do your best everyday and have a positive attitude. Sure, some days aren’t going to go your way. But, there is a tomorrow and there is a better way. Never limit yourself. Don’t ever give up!


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