Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ugh! Diabetes Moments

So far, 2010 has been filled with Ugh! moments.
For instance:

1. My OmniPod shutoff without warning only to find out later that it was due to low batteries.
2. I tried unsuccessfully to go back on shots for a day, but after 6 injections to correct highs (!?!), I decided the pump is much, much better.
3. Cortisone steroid shots and diabetes DO NOT play well together. I fought high blood sugars for 4 days - taking over 80 units of insulin per day (when I normally take 35 on average) - and thanking God no one managed to piss me off. My endocrinologist was very sympathetic and steered me in the right direction.
4. Why is it every time I try to eat less, I end up eating more... Less gut, less butt. It's very simple.
5. Number 3 was to repair the trigger ligament in my left thumb. Cortisone shots FAILED. Now having surgery next week. Thankfully, the surgery is very minor.
6. And speaking of OmniPod, Insulet has been promising some combination of pod/CGM for over a year now (may be 2?) without even the slightest hint of what it will look like or functionality. Hey Insulet! Throw us a bone, would ya?
7. Last, but not least... The more I aim for perfection, the less likely I will ever get there.

Love and be loved,


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Scott K. Johnson said...

Those are some Ugh! moments for sure! I hope your surgery goes well.