Thursday, December 03, 2009

Health Update

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement during this trying time. Here is the latest...

I have forced myself to cut wayyyyy down on caffeine. For as long as I can remember, caffeine has been a very close friend of mine, e.g. everywhere I went, I made sure there was a caffeinated soda or coffee in my hand. Now, Sprite Zero, decaffeinated coffee, and water are the norm. (I'm actually drinking decaf coffee right now. Oh the humanity!) It's been tough, but when your health is on the line, you learn to adjust.

In addition to caffeine, I'm eating less milk chocolate. I know, I know... "diabetics shouldn't eat chocolate any way...", well that thinking is sooo 1950's. Now let's move along.

I am drinking more water than ever! Sometimes I think there's got to be something better, but it's really good for me and my IBS. In addition, I'm eating smaller meals and try (emphasize, 'try') to stay away from high fat, greasy meals. Occasionally, the bloating and other yucky stuff that comes with IBS happens. BUT, I just deal with it.

The worse part of this whole ordeal is the not knowing. I'm still discovering what foods are good and what are bad. For instance, I used to love eating snack crackers. After having some, they cause me severe intestinal cramps. This is just an example. Again, I may not understand all that is happening, but I need to deal with it.

I welcome any advice from those of you who suffer from IBS and diabetes.


Crystal said...

Hey. Good to hear from ya!
Glad you are learning to adjust. Hate that you have to though. No advice, sorry. Hang in there.

ninnifur said...

I have IBS too. :( along with a bunch of other stomach issues. It is no fun. I honestly have no good advice for you. so sorry. glad to hear from you though!

And my wv is harpo! that is funny..

Cherise said...

I am glad your feeling better! I everything evens out. Hugs

Scott said...

Just discovered yor blog..very nice and glad you are feeling better. Over 300 thousand diabetics are without medication in Haiti..say a pray to all

Heather said...

Hi there...just found your blog! You may have been asked this a million times...but have you been tested for celiac disease? It's often misdiagnosed as IBS...and has a high correlation with diabetes.