Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Time of Change

I love the fall season. I love the temperature change to the 60's. I love the sight of brilliant colors. Fall reminds me of change.

In the last 2-3 weeks, I have changed job positions, my diet, and different life routines. For example, my job has become very, very active again. I've gone from a sedentary job - lots of sitting with little to do - to actively solving issues. My blood sugar levels have been very happy with me.

Our family is slowly making a change to an 'organic' diet. We are trying not to purchase foods that have been grown or processed with steroids or chemicals. We made this decision based on how we feel after eating healthier choices. Life is too short and therefore, we must do what is right for us and our children. It's been tough, but so far, so good. (And, no, I'm not giving up a good beer!)

And what does a different life routine mean? Well, I've made the conscious decision to spend less time on the computer (and iPhone), including Twitter and Facebook, and spending more time being active. As a family, we are exercising and spending more time outside.

I am at a point in my life where the more simple I keep things, the better. I'm tired of stressing over, "the little things". I'm not perfect and refuse to live perfectly. But, I do want to enjoy life to the fullest and these changes are helping me do just that.

Enjoy your fall! :)


Crystal said...

Good for you. I strive to live a simple life. I am a work in progress. Keep up the great work and enjoy your beer! ;-)

Cherise said...


hey! I love the fall too! I'm trying to eat a little greener;) baby steps. I can deal with you not being on Twitter and facebook but please keep blogging:) when my hubby comes back I won't be tweeting a lot...I will actually have someone to talk to again. Take care

Tim said...

We tend to eat organic stuff where possible - mainly because it just tends to be better quality and not force-grown *quite* so much. I also guess the less crap one puts in the better.

I've even found a really nice, dry organic cider; which is utterly fab.

We don't really have a good Autumn - sorry, Fall - in Scotland. The leaves stay on the trees until the first storm, then we're leafless and winter begins, only to end next April. Some even say there are two seasons in Scotland - winter and June.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Good for you Mark - doing good things for you and your family!