Thursday, July 09, 2009

Great Friends; Great Places

Even though I just met Tim and Alison, over at Shoot Up or Put Up, I feel as though I've known them for a long time. They are much like close family who you wish you could see every day. Yes, we are also diabetics who enjoy humor while having good discussions on living with this darn disease.

Tim is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, [Note: it's not pronounced, "edinburg"] while Alison is in Liverpool, England.

Diabetes isn't just an "American" disease or a United Kingdom disease. No, there are diabetics all over the world. I've met diabetics as far away as Egypt!

Please visit Tim and Alison's blog and enjoy the goodness.


Alison said...

Thanks Mark, its good to know we've got friends in sunny Georgia when its cold, wet and miserable here in not so sunny Liverpool!

Tim said...

Cheers Mark - that's really nice :-) Glad you're enjoying the blog and the new forum as much as we are!

Alison said...

I forgot to say, it's amazing how far and wide we diabetic types are spread - take a look at to see some of the places people are visiting the blog from.

Mark said...

Thank you! You guys are great and I'll spread the word any time.

Now...back to the Forum! :D

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Mark! Just found your blog from a comment over at Ninjabetic's (George). Nice to meet you! :-)

I too love Tim & Alison's blog!