Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thoughts on my 40th

Today, I was born 40 years ago and as I reflect on my life, I know that I am a truly blessed man.

If someone were to have said to me--back when I was a sarcastic teenager--that my life would one day be filled with special people, filled with love and joy, I probably would've scoffed. If someone were to have said that surviving through the trials and tribulations, I would be a much better, stronger person, I would've laughed.

But here I am, on this my 40th birthday, with more optimism and motivation than ever before in my life:
- I am married to the woman of my dreams; my best friend and forever love
- I am blessed with the two most adventurous, loving boys
- I am surrounded with lots of loving family and friends
- I have experienced the triumphs and challenges of managing a disease [32+ years with diabetes] with hope for a cure
- I gave my life to God, through His Son, who watches over me and our family everyday. His love endures forever

God willing, I am hopeful to see another 40 years and witness a great future. There is hope today for a better tomorrow.
God's love to you all,


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