Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

Mondays are never good. I spent my weekend having a blast [especially at one little boy's b-day party :)] albeit seasonal allergy complications with our oldest son. However, we still managed to enjoy a beautiful weekend.

Mondays can suck the "fun" right out of me. I want to be outside having fun: playing with our boys, riding my new bike, etc, etc. But alas, I'm updating projects, tuning systems, creating documentation, and (sigh) attending meetings.

All workdays must, and I do mean must, come to an end. As soon as I get home, I embrace my family, strip off the business clothes, and change in to my "fun" clothes for an hour of non-stop playing. I even got to ride my new bike for a little while. It was truly awesome!

It was a beautiful day...

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