Friday, February 18, 2005


As many a self-help guru will tell us - we can do great things. Unfortunately, there's usually a piece missing with this philosophy: We can accomplish great things IF we are empowered to do them. A 'caged' employee does not have the opportunity nor motivation to do an outstanding feat.

Why? Because of their leaders - their supervisors, managers, directors - you get the picture. Many of these rule with an iron fist and constantly demand more output. A good friend of mine told me that his director expects work to be done immediately, no questions. This director treats all his employees in the same manner. Does this sound familiar? Is it right?

In John C. Maxwell's book, Leadership Promises for Everyday, good leaders empower their employees to make good decisions. Good leaders also give assignments with tact and faith - they don't 'browbeat' their employees. This doesn't mean your manager will turn from a donkey to a panda bear. Yet with a little communication, hope, and prayer, your manager will allow you to accomplish greatness.

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