Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Conservatives Beware!

The 'hunt' is on. No, I'm not speaking of deer hunting nor fox hunting. The media and liberal hounds are hunting for Conservatives. Conservatives who are falling face down with questionable actions. For example, Armstrong Williams' acceptance of government funds for his touting of the "No Child Left Behind" Act. Now, Matt Drudge (see reports that columnist Maggie Gallagher may have accepted funds as well.

If Conservatives aren't careful, they'll trip and fall flat, and the public loves to see good people fall. The liberal media and liberal politicians trip and fall everyday. So much so, that the public is used to it. If Barbara Boxer or Ted Kennedy speak foolishly, no one is amused. But when good people fall, we shake our heads in dismay and wonder why.

Conservatives beware...the hounds smell you and are closing in. Better keep your character clean.

Lastly, I would've paid 1,000 dollars to Dr. Condoleezza Rice's charity of choice if she would've outright slugged Barbara Boxer during the confirmation hearings...

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