Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

As many of my fellow diabetic or 'd' Tweeps already know, I've been taking care of my sick children and wife. Thankfully, this illness seems to be a bad cold and not the flu. I am very thankful and relieved.

Yet through the colds, we were able to sit in the family room and watch football; college and pro. Here's my college summary report including BG levels:

1. Fresno State vs Wisconsin - Wisconsin wins in double overtime. Being a "born and bred" Badger, I was a nervous wreck. My BGs did great until the end of the game and subsequent OTs. The game, and my BG levels, were on a roller coaster.

2. Notre Dame vs Michigan - As much as I like Michigan, I love Notre Dame more. Arguably, it was a fight to the very end (11 seconds left in the game!). My BG went from 114, with 5 minutes left in the game, to a 236 at the end (with no food in my system). I was a wreck. I quickly made a correction, then moved on to game 3.

3. South Carolina vs Georgia - Okay, I knew this was going to be close, but the total points blew me away. My BGs didn't sway too much, since we Georgia fans come to expect a close game. South Carolina should've won this game, hands down, but our Dawgs prevailed. In my opinion, nothing to be proud of...

4. Last, but not least, catching glimpses of the Mississippi State vs Auburn & USC vs Ohio State games. The Tigers man-handled the MS Bulldogs, while USC pulled out a win (30 seconds left?) over the Buckeyes. I felt bad for Ohio State, but USC is always fast and impressive.

Overall, my BG numbers were really good on Saturday (42,114, 236, 51, 96, 60, 57), with a Sunday morning wakeup of 89. I had pasta, for dinner on Saturday, so I knew my BGs would swing. The 236 came from the Notre Dame game (boo!). Many of my 'lows' came from excitement and not over-corrections. Go figure!

(Oh, and for you 'Huskers and 'Bama fans, I was catching highlights from these games as well.)

Ah life... It's great!


Kay said...

Woohoo college football! Interesting to compare your BG with the games. I'll have to do that sometime this season. I just hope my Huskers don't give my BG a reason to rise! Go Big Red!

Tim said...

Is including your BG a cunning way of crow-barring diabetes into an interesting post about football? ;-)

Anyway, I'm stealing this idea for next year when the Six Nations rugby is on and I get to see Scotland lose consistently. Again.