Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Thoughts

A week in review with thoughts mixed in like a bowl full of chili...

(Yes, that's UGA!)

1. Fall brings thoughts of cooler weather and college football. Can't wait!

2. My trip to San Francisco was wonderful. The cool weather brought on the thoughts of #1.

3. My OmniPod behaved well albeit a "communication" error at 35,000 feet, mid-flight, coming home. I had backups, so problem was resolved.

4. Just as I was having a "low" on flight home (47), flight stewardess says to me, "Peanuts, pretzels, or cookies?" Beautiful timing...the pretzels did the trick nicely.

5. I gained 2 lbs on aforementioned trip and feel "heavy". Haven't exercised in 5 days. That, my friends, stinks!

6. Can't wait to have dinner with "D" friends on September 15! Woohoo!

7. Contemplating eating low-carb, low-protein foods. Any thoughts?

8. Contemplating continuous glucose monitoring, e.g. Dexcom or Navigator. Any thoughts?

San Francisco was fantastic from a visitor's point of view. The weather never got above 65 and there always seemed to be a breeze. Sadly, I would never live there since the cost of living is so rediculously high and the houses are too close together. Otherwise, I really enjoyed my time there. Enjoy the photos taken not too far from my hotel...


CALpumper aka Crystal said...

Fall = football. Football = fall.
Fall, football: Hurry up!!!

Glad your trip went well. Great pics.

Alison said...

Glad you enjoyed SF Mark.

Re thought 8, low carb defintely makes a real difference to me. Blood sugars are much more stable and easier to control. The downside is that I love carbs - bread, pasta, potatoes etc so my ventures into low carbing don't last long. Hopefully your willpower is stronger than mine!

The Mindful Diabetic said...

Great post! I can't wait for #6 on the list too, whoohooo! Rgearding CGM systems, I would check with your insurance company to see if they pay different for one CGM more over another. My insurance pays 100% on the Dex, only 80% on the navigator. So paired with the fact that Animas (and Omnipod) are going to be using the DexCom technology on their pumps soon, it made picking a DexCom easy. Of course I might me biased since I have come to love my Dex!

Jaimieh said...

Pics are pretty :)

I low carb/lots of veggies/moderate protein when I'm focus on it...does help make my sugars more stable & use less insulin...

trying to do more veggie smoothies and that sorta 'thang too lately...

I love fall & winter, gets me outside more...not a fan of the heat so much!

Tim said...

I eat tonnes of carbs all the time - just too yummy to do without. Though such a policy doesn't seem to lead to much a problem with control. *shrug*