Thursday, September 13, 2007

Laser Treatment 2

This morning I endured 10 + minutes of throbbing laser surgery on my right eye. I'm very sore, but my spirits our high. I wanted to go into the office at noon, but my doctor, wife, and sister (who was with me) were much against it. I guess it wouldn't have been good since I was also sedated.

The only bad news I received was that my doctor is now going forward with laser surgery in my left eye. Yes, I was bummed, but it could be worse...

Sometimes you view these challenges in either two ways: 1. You question God's wisdom and timing and wonder, "Why me?" OR 2. You see opportunity and remind yourself that you are here to serve a great God.

I may be down, but not out. I may be on the jagged edge, but I'm in God's hands, and life doesn't get any better.

More laser treatments to go...hope never dies.

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