Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Book Review: The Road to Unafraid

The Road to Unafraid tells the gripping story of U.S. Army Captain Jeff Struecker, who took part in numerous military operations including the battle of Mogadishu aka, Black Hawk Down. From his early life in Iowa to Fort Benning, Georgia, Struecker provides details on his life and how God has deeply blessed him.

Although a quick read, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wished for more. I remember when the battle of Mogadishu happened and seeing our soldiers being dragged through the streets. I can also recall when then Chief Warrant Officer Michael Durant was freed. Struecker gives his account of that horrendous battle and the impact it had on his faith.

"The difference between being a coward and a hero is not whether you're scared or not. It's what you do while you're scared." [Ch. 1]

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misawa said...

This is another one on my must read list. Once I'm done with Inside Delta Force, it's probably next.