Thursday, March 08, 2007


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Only a crumb would do this

A guy gets drunk and high on drugs and robs a girl scout of her cookies. Thankfully, he's caught.

So, here's a few punishment suggestions for all you judges out there:

1. Order the assailant to dress as a girl scout and sell cookies at a Home Depot. He must explain to everyone what his crime was. If not at a Home Depot, then at a construction site.
2. Make the assailant do 500 hours of community service as ordered by the Girl Scouts. Since he's got so much time to drink alcohol and do drugs, he's got time to do community service. If he balks, then on to number 3.
3. Serve 5 years in prison with no chance of parole.
4. Last, order him into the Marines for a mandatory 20. [Oh, I do like this one!]

If you think these suggestions are too harsh, I have news for you. The typical drunk assailant will not only spend some amount of time in jail, BUT, they will commit the same type of crime again once they're free. Increase the punishment, make them do some hard labor, and just see what happens...


misawa said...

I can't say much. I've been known to do some crazy things for Thin Mints. I wouldn't assault the little girl, though.

I'd trip her. :)

Jeff said...

I don't get it simply because I haven't been able to find ANY Girl Scouts to buy cookies from this winter, and would gladly pay $10 a box for thin mints!

Mark said...


I can get what you need! I have a person here at work who sells cookies for her daughter. Let me know and I'll get them for you...