Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kurt Warner

SI.com's Jeffri Chadiha writes that Kurt Warner may soon retire.


But now that he's 35, he's eyeing more interests that could satisfy him off the field. He's always been heavy into religion but he's pondering a potential career as a television broadcaster now. He's thinking about writing books and expanding his foundation. This might sound like a stretch but he could even see himself preaching one day.

Warner wants to do all these things because he'll always have that urge to connect with people.

Warner is a wonderful person who is not afraid to call Jesus his Savior. I believe he could be a great Quarterback coach, whether in the pros or college. Whatever Warner does, he will make a positive impact.


Angie said...

He is 35 and they called him an aging veteran. Who do they think they are calling old? How dare they? I pray he follows the Lords plans for him. Stop by my blog sometime. I could use the company.

misawa said...

His being 35 and "old" for the NFL can be attributed to other things (though considering that 38 to 40 is the average retirement age for a good NFL player, a spring chicken he ain't). He did play for several years in the arena leagues, which is all indoors on cheap turf on top of cement - not a lot of give there, so your legs and lower back turn in to mushy shock absorbers. Personally I would like to see him retire and move in to a coaching position at any level. His attitude and God (not self) centered mentality could do nothing but good for some wayward youngster.

Jeff said...

Not to mention, he completely hosed me two weeks on my fantasy team.

Mark said...

Somehow this doesn't surprise me. :-) That fantasy league of yours will go by the wayside after the wedding.

Misawa and Angie: As we can agree, Kurt's mission is far from over.