Monday, June 19, 2006

Once Again, A Great Father's Day

There's no other feeling in the world than being a blessed father. Especially if you have a wonderful wife and two great boys. I was honored yesterday afternoon by assisting with my oldest son's Junior Olympic-Tae Kwon Do training and mixing it up with the other students. If there's anything I am good at, it is building up the self-esteem of others. I'm not good at building up my own, but that's a different story. A big thank-you to Masters Terry Wassink, William, Candy, and Mitt Lenix. You are truly martial artists in every way.

I did receive a gift from my family.
Do you recognize this guy:

Yes, that's Chuck Norris as Walker Texas Ranger - The Final Season on DVD. Tonight, due to the excitement of my two boys, we're having a Walker-thon. There's nothing finer than some down home bad guy butt-kickin'! Of course it doesn't hurt that Norris and cast pray to our Lord as well. Life IS good.

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Angie said...

I love that show! It is so hard to find something with Action that is decent to watch anymore!