Thursday, July 28, 2005

Carjacking Advice

Yesterday, not more than 1/4 mile from my home, two carjackings and subsequent kidnappings occurred. The crimes happened around 3 pm, beginning in the parking lot of a Super Target. To view the article go to:
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According to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, the following happened:
Wednesday's first incident occurred shortly before 3 p.m. at a Super Target store on Woodstock Road, said Roswell police Sgt. James McGee.
The victim was getting in his car when another man appoached and demanded money, McGee said.
The victim was ordered at gunpoint to drive to a nearby Washington Mutual bank, where a "sum of money was obtained," McGee said. The suspect exited the victim's vehicle and got into a waiting yellow Ford Mustang.
As police were investigating that crime, they started getting calls about attempted break-ins at Wildwood Springs, a subdivision in the same area.
While officers were responding to those calls, Alpharetta police notified Roswell investigators shortly before 5 p.m. that they had a woman and her son at the Kroger store on Ga. 9 who had been kidnapped from their home on Fern Hollow Court in the Wildwood Springs subdivision.
McGee said the woman told police that she and her son were kidnapped by two men, and one matched the description of the suspect from the Super Target incident.
"The female victim was forced, along with her son, to drive the two suspects to the Kroger, where they were released," McGee said, adding that the woman's blue 2002 Ford Expedition was taken.
Please allow me to give some advice on what to do in case of a carjacking and ways to prevent them.
1. Watch your surroundings. If someone looks suspicious, go back into the store and ask store security to escort you to your vehicle. a family member to meet you at the store to assist you. Better safe than sorry.
2. When getting into your vehicle, immediately close the door, lock it, and start the engine. If someone approaches you, ignore them until you are secured.
2. If you are in midst of a carjacking, take your keys and throw them as far away from the attacker(s) as possible and run into a store or a safe place. Call for help.
4. If you are attacked and you have children, DO NOT ABANDON YOUR CHILDREN! Get your children out of the vehicle then give the attacker the keys. Better yet, throw your keys far away to give you the time to remove your children.
5. If you are attacked at gunpoint, your safety and your children's safety comes first. That said, do not allow the attacker to kidnap you. FBI statistics show if your are taken to a secondary location, there are good chances you will not survive.
What does this mean for you? FIGHT BACK! Make a scene...scream, "FIRE!", or run away. Do anything to prevent you from being kidnapped. Rarely do attackers want to make a scene in a crowded parking lot. So...FIGHT!
I have studied the martial arts for 23 years and I write this to prevent family and friends from becoming victims.
Lastly as previously mentioned, that Super Target is right near my home. I plan on stopping by there on my way home and look for these two attackers. If I just so happen to find them in midst of a carjacking, you can bet they won't be going to jail. They'll be visiting their Maker!

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