Tuesday, April 12, 2005


My wife informed me that a couple in our church, who had just recently celebrated 25 years of marriage, are divorcing. Why? The husband had been having an affair for years and couldn't stand being married any longer.

I also learned recently that another couple from our church were getting a divorce. He was depressed and took his disappointment out on his successful wife. They are in their 40's with two teenage sons.

I don't want this letter to turn in to a 'male bashing' of any kind. However, something's got to change. We have come to a point in our soceity where divorce doesn't emotionally affect us anymore. Just look at the National Enquirer and there's a high profile divorce on it's cover every other day. Divorce has become commonplace. It doesn't shock us anymore.

The same holds true for Christians. Go ahead, tell me it doesn't and I'll call you a bold faced liar. The divorce rates among Christian marriages are nearly the same. Why? Because we're living according to organized, petty Christianity and not Christ himself.

Want a news flash? Today's organized, structured, and committee laden Christianity is full of 'posers' - people who want to be seen or heard but don't want to live the servant life of Christ. Bring up the words "struggle" or "suffering" in church and you'll probably get puzzled looks. Ask any church-going man if he would fight for his wife and many would have to think about it. Heck, they probably would want you to clarify the question. What a joke!

It's time to end the charades and time to defend our marriages. It's time to pick up the sword and tell Satan to back off. It's time we rescue our wives and promise to fight for them.

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